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Paintless Dent Repair for Cars Damaged by Hail Storm


Don't be! If you're worried about the price of your repairs, paintless dent repair is guaranteed to cost less than traditional dent repair.


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Hail Damage Repairs and Auto Dent Removal Services


Hail season is here and there are reports of storms all across the country already. Hail stones can do severe damage to the value of your vehicle. Depending on the method you choose to have it repaired could result in even more damage to your vehicles value.


You have Two Options:


Option 1 – Body Shop


Take your vehicle to a traditional body shop and they will replace the hood and the trunk, cut the roof off and weld a new one on and fill each remaining dent with putty. Once the putty is dry they will sand it down smooth and then repaint your entire vehicle. Now not only will your car not have it’s original factory paint but it will be missing some of it’s original factory parts as well. And all this can take two weeks or more!


Option 2 – Dents Express


Call Dents Express and let us meticulously massage the dents out of your vehicle restoring your vehicles original appearance while maintaining all the original paint and parts. And all this in less than a day and for a fraction of what a body shop will charge! Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is the preferred technique of repairing hail damaged vehicles by nearly every insurance company.


The benefits of PDR not only save insurance companies millions of dollars each year but also save the value of your vehicle. Imagine what a mess it would be if a car dealership with 1,000 new vechiles in inventory were hit with hail and had to be body shopped. Using PDR dealerships can quickly get back on their feet selling vehicles for retail value instead of being forced to have a “hail sale” or having the overwhelming task of having to send that many cars to the body shop.


We will be glad to give you a written estimate for the repair of your hail damage and will forward a copy to your insurance company if desired. We are experienced in dealing with insurance claims as our process is widely welcomed by the insurance community.


For more information or to receive a free estimate, call us at 636-227-5050.


Hail Season is Here and So Are We

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